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Custom Run Corner

Altoona Railroad Museum
1300 Ninth Avenue, Altoona, PA 16602

PH: 814-946-0834
web site:
Pennsylvania Railroaders Memorial Museum PS-1 40' Boxcar
Norfolk Southern Horseshoe Curve PS-1 40' Boxcar
UTLX "City of Altoona" 50' Tank Car
Norfolk Southern 25th Anniversary PS-1 40' Boxcar
Ad One
Sunbury, PA  17801

PH: 570-988-0222 Attention: Scott
Price: $34.95 plus shipping & handling
Harmon Stove PS-1 40' Boxcar
Harmon Stove Northeastern Caboose
All Aboard Junction
8355 Monterey Street,
Gilroy, CA  95020
PH: 408-846-8841
web site:

Christopher Ranch 4 Bay Centerflow
Atlantic Division, TCA
web site:

Atlantc Division TCA 2014 Convention White Caboose
Atlantc Division TCA 2014 Convention Silver Caboose
Atlantc Division TCA 2014 Convention Yellow Caboose
Bloomsburg University
Kim Schmitz, Ben Franklin Room 27, Bloomsburg University, 400 East Second Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17821
4-Car Set Price:  $240.00 plus shipping & handling

Bloomsburg University 4-Car Set Consisting Of One Each:
3-Bay Offset Side Coal Car, Wood Side Refrigerator Car,
40' Steel Side Box Car & 40' Tank Car.
Bloomsburg University 40' Flat Car with Crates

Bloomsburg University CDL Trailer On Flat Car
Bloomsburg University GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive
Brush Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce
Attention: Sandy, 2 E. Arch Street, Suite 313A, Shamokin, PA  17872
PH: 570-648-4675

web site:
Centralia Train Station PS-1 40' Boxcar
Mt. Carmel Junction 4 Bay Centerflow
Excelsior Station 40' Double Door Steel Side Boxcar
P&R 4 Bay Centerflow
P&R Double Door Steel Side Boxcar
Locust Gap Station REA PS-1 40' Boxcar
PRR - LV Depot (Mt. Carmel) 3-Bay Offset Side Coal Car

Buffalo Creek Graphics
PO Box 243, Niagara Falls, NY 14304-0243

PH: 716-692-6206

Web Site:

Genesee Beer & Ale #108 Woodside Reefer
Genesee Beer & Ale #102 Woodside Reefer
Genesee Beer & Ale #120 Woodside Reefer

Bosch Gold Metal Beer #959 Woodside Reefer
Bosch Gold Metal Beer #957 Woodside Reefer
this project was designed and produced by Buffalo Creek Graphics exclusively for the Northern Michigan RailRoad Club.

Simon Pure Old Abbey Ale #1403 Woodside Reefer
Simon Pure Old Abbey Ale #1401 Woodside Reefer
Gerhard Lang Brewery #1000 Woodside Reefer
Gerhard Lang Brewery #1010 Woodside Reefer
Columbia, Newberry & Laurens PS-1 40' Boxcar
Midland Railway Of Canada Outside Braced Boxcar
Standard Barber & Beauty Supply Steel Side Boxcar
Detroit & Toledo Shoreline Steel Side Boxcar
Delaware & Hudson Woodside Refrigerator Car
Georgia & Florida Outside Braced Boxcar
Canadian National Outside Braced Boxcar
Central Vermont 2 Bay Ribbed

Gainesville Midland Outside Braced Boxcar
Canada Southern Steel Side Boxcar
Litchfield & Madison 2 Bay Offset

Florida East Coast PS-2 Covered Hopper
Tennessee Central PS-2 Covered Hopper
CP Rail PS-1 40' Plug Door Boxcar

Georgia, Southern & Florida Outside Braced Boxcar
Fisher-Price Steel Side Boxcar - this project was designed and produced by Buffalo Creek Graphics
on behalf of Seneca Jct. Toy Train World in Clarence, NY.
Manistee & Northeastern Steel Side Boxcar - this project was designed and produced by Buffalo Creek Graphics exclusively for the Northern Michigan RailRoad Club.
P&PU Railway 40' Woodside Gondola
Detroit & Macinac Woodside Refrigerator Car #2002
Detroit & Macinac Woodside Refrigerator Car #2003
Georgia Railroad Open Hopper Car #21456
A.C.&Y. Open Hopper Car #4058

Canadian Car
16266 - 26th Avenue
Surrey, BC Canada V3S 6Z3

PH: 604-560-4028
White Pass & Yukon Route Trailer on CN Flat Car
BA Oil Trailer on PGE Flat Car
British Columbia Railway Trailer on Flat Car
Pacific Great Eastern Railway Trailer on Flat Car
Central Operating Lines
Philip Gravenhorst, 3 Avon Avenue, Farmingville, NY 11738
PH: 516-316-6787
Web Site:
Ronkonkoma Dairy Wood Side Refrigerator Car

Ronkonkoma Refinery 40' Tank Car
Amityville Crude Oil 40' Tank Car
Holbrook Waste Oil & Recycling 40' Tank Car
Babylon Fuel Oil 40' Tank Car
Holbrook Hauling Trailer On Flat Car
Amityville Trucking Trailer On Flat Car
Babylon Delivery Trailer On Flat Car
Ronkonkoma Express Trailer On Flat Car
Holbrook PS-2 CD Grain Hopper
Ronkonkoma PS-2 CD Grain Hopper

Amityville PS-2 CD Grain Hopper
Babylon PS-2 CD Grain Hopper
Cumberland Valley Model Railroad Club
P.O. Box 1258, Chambersburg, PA  17201-1258

PH: 717-263-6447 (leave a message)

Cumberland Valley Outside Braced Boxcar
Cumberland Valley Flat Car
Cumberland Valley Gondola
Doug Jensen
7847 South Windermere Circle, Littleton, CO  80120
PH: 303-549-8809

Web Site:
Burlington Route Steel Side Boxcar
Eastern States
PO Box 577, Holland, NY 14080

PH: 716-537-3119

Wellsville & Buffalo Outside Braced Boxcar
Elkader Depot Fund
Attention: M.L. Witt
501 North Main Street, P.O. Box 27, Elkader, Iowa, 52043

Phone: 563-245-2717

$50.00 per car plus shipping
Milwaukee Road Steel Side Double Door Boxcar with 3-rail Die Cast Trucks and Couplers
Gadsden Pacific
Tucson, AZ  PH: 520-297-4616
Copper Basin Railway Outside Braced Boxcar
Cyprus Railroad Co. Outside Braced Boxcar
Pinto Valley Railroad Outside Braced Boxcar
Dragoon & Northern Railroad Co. Outside Braced Boxcar
Anaconda Railway Outside Braced Boxcar
Golden West Hobbies
22909 Slough Rd, Edgewood, CA  96094
PH: 530-938-2915

McCloud River 50' Plug Door Boxcar
Yreka Western 50' Plug Door Boxcar
Iron Heritage Festival
134 Mill Street, Danville, PA 17821
PH: 570-275-1140
Iron Heritage Northeastern Caboose
The Irondequoit Car Shops
Rochester, NY PH: 716-482-3734

New York Central Pacemaker 50' Flat Car With Container Load
Jack's Tracks Train Shop
115 Crane Drive, Kittanning, PA  16201
PH: 724-548-7117
Armstrong County Tourist Bureau
125 Market Street, Suite 2, Kittanning, PA 16201
PH: 724-543-4003
French & Indian War Commemoration PS-1 40' Boxcar
JD's Trains
7267 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63130
PH: 314-409-4451
web site:

Union Pacific Challenger Double Door Steel Side Boxcar

Union Pacific (2 Tone Grey) Double Door Steel Side Boxcar
Western Maryland Caboose - Orange - "Work By Your Safety Rules"
Western Maryland Caboose - Green - "Near - Miss Program, Are You Doing Your Part"
Western Maryland Caboose - Blue - "Lead Follow Or Clear The Way For Safety"
Western Maryland Caboose - Red - "Safety - Is It First In Your Mind"

Chesapeake & Ohio Troop Express Car
Union Pacific Express Service Double Door Steel Side Box Car
Joe Kennedy
PO Box 85, Vienna, NJ  07880
PH: 800-618-7778
New York Life PS-1 40' Boxcar
JR Junction Train & Hobby
2716 Erie Boulevard East, Syracuse NY 1
PH: 315--451-6551 e-mail:

NYO&W 2-8-0 Consolidation Exclusively available through JR Junction!
Syracuse Chiefs PS-1 40' Boxcar

Syracuse Chiefs 4 Bay Centerflow
Syracuse Chiefs 50' Flat Car
Knoebels Amusement Resort
PO Box 317
, Elysburg, PA 17824
1-800-487-4386 or 570-672-2572
Knoebel Lumber Company 50’ Flat Car with Wooden Lumber Load $69.95 plus shipping
Golden Ticket Award Wood Side Refrigerator Car $69.95 plus shipping
Preserving History ~ Making Memories 3-Bay Offset Side Coal Car
Len's Train Shop
132 Lauffer lane

Irwin, PA 15642
PH: 724-446-9791
web site:

B&LE Trailer On Flat Car
Ligonier Valley Railroad Assocaiation
605 Walnut Street, Latrobe PA  15650
PH: 724-537-2647  e-mail:
Ligonier Valley 40' Tank Car

Ligonier Valley PS-1 40' Boxcar
Ligonier Valley 2 Bay Ribbed Coal Car
Maine 3-Railers
For Information on these cars please contact: Peter Hanson
207-622-4256  E-mail:

Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad PS-2 Covered Hopper
Maine Lobster Woodside Refrigerator Car
Maine 3-Railers 40' Flat Car
Portland Head Lighthouse PS-1 40' Boxcar
Oakhurst Milk Woodside Refrigerator Car
Downeast Energy 40' Tank Car
Hancock Lumber Steel Side Boxcar
Maine Eastern Railroad Steel Side Boxcar
Messick’s Farm Supply

A Helping Hand with Your Land 42’ flat car
Midlothian Hobbies
4450 FM 1387
Midlothian, TX 76055
Phone:972-723-0171, Fax: 972-723-0801

Red Caboose Winery and Vineyards Car
Minersville Lions Club
41 Hill Terrace Drive, Pottsville, PA  17901
PH: 570-544-3846

Columbia Beer Woodside Refrigerator
Bavarian Beer PS-2 Covered Hopper
Atlantic 40' Tank Car
Purina Chows Steel Side Boxcar

Direnzo Coal Company 2 Bay Offset
Kaier's Beer Outside Braced Boxcar

Union Brewing PS-1 Plug Door Boxcar
Pritz Dodge Double Door Steel Side Boxcar (Green)
Pritz Dodge Double Door Steel Side Boxcar (Red)
Moyer Gas Service
Route 35 Box 96, Freeburg, PA  17827
PH: 570-374-5961

Moyer Gas 40' Tank Car
O Scale National Convention
Ordering Information click link:

2013 O Scale National Convention Car - B&A 3-Bay Ribbed Side Coal Car
Patrick's Trains
142 29th Street
Wheeling, WV 26003

Pittsburgh & West Virginia Steel Side Boxcar
Wheeling & Lake Erie Outside Braced Boxcar

Petersen Supply Company
Portland, OR PH: 503-246-3106

Western Pacific PS-1 40' Boxcar
PFE Woodside Reefer
Milwaukee Road AC-2 Covered Hopper
Western Pacific VO1000
Southern Pacific-Cotton Belt (SSW) Pullman Bradley Deluxe Coach
Great Northern / Great Northern Trailer On Flat Car


Pineknotter Days
Darvin Straub
351 Orange
Street, Northumberland, PA  17857
PH: 570-473-9566

Pineknotter Days Woodside Refrigerator
Pineknotter Days - Furmano's 4 Bay Centerflow
Pineknotter Days 2 Bay Offset Coal Car
Pineknotter Days Northeastern Caboose

e-mail: $32.00 per unit plus shipping & handling
PP&L Northeastern Caboose
Public Delivery Track
PO Box 2637, Paso Robles, CA 93447-2637
Voice Mail & Fax:  805-226-0320
Web Site:
Long Island Pullman Bradley car available in 2&3 rail Erie 60' Round Roof Baggage Car Jersey Central Lines 60' Clerestory Roof Baggage Car Erie 60' Round Roof RPO Car Jersey Central Lines 60' Clerestory Roof RPO Car Erie / Erie Trailer On Flat Car Southern Pacific / P I E Trailer On Flat Car Roadway / D&RGW Trailer On Flat Car
Railroaders Memorial Museum
1300 9th Avenue, Altoona, PA  16602

PH: 814-946-0834
REA Express PS-1 40' Boxcar
Ross Custom Switches
45 Church ST, Norwich, CT 06360
PH: 800-331-1395
Ross Custom Switches PS-1 40' Boxcar
Stockyard Express
49293 Plate Road, Oberlin, OH 44074

PH: 440-774-2131

Wheeling & Lake Erie 3-Bay 70-Ton Coal Car
Tommy Gilbert's
346 E Water Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325
PH: 717-337-1992

Gettysburg 140th PS-1 40' Boxcar
Gettysburg Canon PS-1 40' Boxcar
Train Collectors Association Eastern Division
c/o Jim Kronz, Treasurer - Eastern Division
845 Holly Drive South
Annapolis, MD 21401
Price: $37.75 plus shipping & PA Sales Tax (if applicable) 

40th Year Anniversary Commemorative Box Car
Toy Train Operating Society
c/o Bryan Stanton
3500 Winding Creek Road, Sacramento,  CA  95864
PH:  916-838-0095

Southern Pacific Railway Express Agency PS-1 40' Box Car
Twin City Model Railroad Museum
Twin City Model Railroad Museum
Attn:  Jonathan Schrein
1021 Bandana Blvd E, Suite 222
St. Paul, MN 55108
PH: 651-647-9628
Twin City Model Railroad Museum 75th Anniversary Wood Side Refrigerator Car

Western Maryland Railway Historical Society

Western Maryland 40' Double Door Steel Side Boxcar
Orders may be directed to:
Western Maryland Railway Historical Society
c/o Paul Buscemi
2413 Haight Avenue
Sykesville, MD  21784-6808
(make checks payable to W.M.R.H.S.)
E-mail: for more information & shipping charges.

$29.00 each (plus shipping), equipped with Die Cast Trucks & Couplers
Maryland residents please include 6% sales tax.

Ye Olde Train & Christmas Shop
601 Jackson Road & Route 100
, Boyertown, PA  19512
PH: 610-369-0755

Reading Lines Woodside Refrigerator

Please contact the Weaver Dealer listed above to place your order for the cars listed. For additional information concerning your own Custom Run, please contact us by phone at 570-473-9434 or by e-mail at Our knowledgeable Graphics Department will be happy to assist you with any design layout you have in mind.  Please note, we require a minimum production of 75-100 Ultra Line Engines and 100 Freight cars.